We have delivered electromechanical solutions, customized for many applications - What do you need?

Electromechanical solutions have been one of Eltech Solutions focus area for decades. 

We have delivered electromechanical solutions, customized for many applications. We have long term relations, with some of the world’s leading manufacturers within electromechanical products. With many years of experience in the industry, and with our technical competencies, we provide support throughout the process,  also after the project ends. 

Eltech Solutions only work with suppliers, who have an ISO 9000 certification or defined and written procedures. We want to be one of the leading suppliers within Electro Mechanical Solutions. 

The ideas and demands from customers will become customized solutions. Therefore  we have very close collaboration with our customers, so we can find the right solution for a specific application – from idea, design and finally to a finished product. We focus on creating and maintaining close relationships with our customers, as these relationships are essential for a good collaboration. 

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