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Pressure, vacuum and flow sensors

Which sensor should you use?

Eltech Solutions has several suppliers within pressure, vacuum and flow. Keyence offers pressure and vacuum sensors for measuring air from -1 bar and up to +10 bar pressure, they also offer a “Clamp-on Flow Sensor” which can be placed outside on a pipe and via ultrasound it can measure the flow of liquids. Finally, they also offer a pressure gauge for liquids.Gems offers a huge range of pressure, vacuum and flow sensors and they make many customer specified sensors. Gems sensor is used in the marine, medicine, oil & gas and food industries, among others. 

Pressure sensors 

Eltech Solutions offers a wide range of pressure sensors, for measuring pressure in liquids and air. 

Keyence pressure sensors are used in machine systems, where you have to secure a correct air pressure. The sensors have two digital outputs, an analog output, and either external or built-in display.Keyence also offers, a pressure sensor for liquid in the range of up to 400 bar. This type is mounted directly on the pipe and has a built-in display.Pressure sensors from GEMs is without display and can be supplied with a digital or analog output. GEMs are flexible and able to make customized solutions´. 

If you have a demand for a special product,  we can help you find the right solution.    

Vacuum sensors 

Keyence vacuum sensors are used, among other things, on machine systems where you want to make sure that there is an accurate vacuum pressure, it can for example be items that are moved with vacuum and if there is not enough vacuum, the items are lost, this is avoided with a Keyence vacuum sensor.They have two digital outputs and an analog output and come with either an external display or a built-in display. 

Flow Sensors 

Keyence offers a “Clamp-on Flow Sensor”, which is placed outside a pipe and via ultrasound can measure the flow of a liquid inside the pipe. It is very easy to move from one pipe to another. The FD-Q series can measure flow on water, oil and chemicals.Gems offers a wide range of flow sensors, they can measure flow on many different liquids and they offer models with, among other things, rotor, thermal and piston. They can be supplied with analog output or digital output. Gems makes many customer specified types. MEADOW 

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