Category: Automation

PLC’s Apem-Idec-PLC


PLC’s PLC’s from Apem-Idec IDEC were some of the first in the market with PLCs back in the early 80s. Today, IDEC has a wide range of controllers with different numbers of inputs, […]

Robots Epson robot arm


Robots Should your business be automated? Within robots, which is a brand product-portfolio at Eltech Solutions, EPSON we offer a wide range of Scara robots. With over 300 different variants, […]

Sensors Keyence-LR-W-sensorer


Sensors Sensors for every purpose! Eltech Solutions have sensors for all applications, from standard – to very unique solutions.  With the latest technologies, Keyence is still in a market leading position and among one of the most respected […]

Vision systems Keyence-IV-vision-udstyr

Vision systems

Vision systems Need smart sensor for high-end vision? Keyence is one of the marketleaders in vision. They have developed several technologies that provides advanced solutions, which could be using Lumitrax, […]

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